Starting a blog has been on and off my mind ever since I started using Tableau 5 or 6 years ago and when I was reading through all the great content written by some very smart people within the Tableau community. I believe in sharing knowledge, something which I always try to advocate at work — sometimes, but not always successfully. Add to that that there was a period in my life when I wanted to become a writer (albeit a writer of fiction), and you’d think that writing a blog about Tableau should come somewhat naturally to me, as it combines two of my favourite things: writing about data.

Not so however. For whatever reason, I’ve never quite gotten around to starting a blog, save for a single, not-so-glorious post related to a Makeover Monday exercise a few years ago (long since deleted). I’m sure that part of it is due to my natural inclination for procrastination, but I’ve also found throughout the years that I rarely have the energy to spend even more time with Tableau when I’m back at home. That’s not to say that I don’t often play around with data during my weekends; it’s just that I prefer to spend that precious time on learning new things than on writing things I already know about. And as Tableau has such a large and active community, it can be quite difficult to come up with new content that others haven’t written about already, unless you spend quite a bit of time and effort.

What has changed then? Despite the title, it is not because we’re now entering into a new decade. The major change is that — thanks to a friend of mine — I’ve become an independent contractor about 9 months ago, and with that comes more freedom to set my own schedule. After my last contract, I decided to take some time off for 6 weeks, which I can now do without too many worries or discussions. Subtract a couple of weeks of holidays, and that leaves me with 3-4 weeks of quality time with myself, time I can spend on developing my skills. Four weeks might not sound like a lot, but it’s still a lot more than what most people have, and what I usually would have when working at a full-time job.

Image result for quality time with myself
Me turning down a project to focus on myself for a while.

And after these few weeks, I’m starting to feel excited and motivated again, which I sorely needed after a sense of lethargy started to creep into my working life. And so it is this renewed sense of excitement, coupled with this unprecedented luxury in time, that I decided to give this blogging thing another go. If not now, then when? You know, that kind of idea. And who knows, maybe I will even rekindle some of the joy that I used to get from writing.

Will this blog last? Or is it doomed to have a short lifespan right from the start? I honestly don’t know, but let’s see how it goes, and it will last however long it lasts.

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